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Pros and Cons of Polypropylene Rugs

Polypropylene rugs are extraordinarily durable. These are surprisingly soft and easily washable. Polypropylene is enormously colorfast which means its colors do not fade due to excessive washing. So durability with a reasonable price is the basic element that attracts sage consumers.

Before jumping towards its pros and cons, we need to understand what sort of material it is. Unlike Sisal (made of Agave plant leaves), polypropylene rugs are made of synthetic fiber. This material is produced via the polymerization of monomer propylene. It is widely used for packaging and reusable containers.

Does Polypropylene Possess Features of a Worthwhile Area Rug?

This is the most basic question that one has to respond to while making a rational purchase decision. Firstly you need to consider all the critical aspects regarding the purchase requirement. People with different standards of living having different taste opt accordingly.

If you are looking for a colorful and budget-friendly rug then a polypropylene rug will be the first choice. If you prefer more luxurious material and have greater financial sources to invest then go for wool more specifically Persian rugs.

As per experts, continuous filaments i.e., Polypropylene make more durable carpets. To make you able to decide, we need to consider the break strength of these carpets. PP rugs have a break strength of 700 pounds while nylon has 2500 to 7000 pounds. 

So the crux is Nylon is stronger than Polypropylene. But this isn’t the only aspect that you need to consider. If it was the only aspect, Polyester is stronger than Nylon having a break strength of 2000 to 10,000 pounds. Many other aspects are monitored before making any purchase decision.

How does the Polypropylene Rug make you Feel?

These rugs are soft to touch but wool rugs are remarkably softer. PP rugs offer features of natural fiber while providing the durability of synthetic fibers. Synthetic rugs are classified into the following categories;

Acrylic, Nylon. Polyester. Olefin

  • Acrylic: These are made of acrylic fiber, having the appearance of a wool rug but at a cheaper rate.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a strong resilient fiber and is available at all price ranges.
  • Polyester: A versatile, stain-resistant fiber and is more eco friendly.
  • Olefin: Rugs made of these fibers are incredibly lightweight but warm.


Polypropylene rugs are more economical than nylon. These are more environment friendly and stain-resistant. That means these rugs are just perfect for families having young kids. As kids have their priorities of sitting and eating anywhere.

PP rugs being synthetic fiber but presenting a natural fiber look, have captured 80 percent market of synthetic rugs. These rugs are designed by keeping in view the need of the hour i.e., durable water-resistant and budget-friendly rug.

As these rugs are solution-dyed, their color does not fade easily. So polypropylene rugs are colorfast. These rugs are great for outdoors specifically pool areas. As these are moisture resistant too.

Resistant to Moisture:

Polypropylene rugs are extraordinarily resistant to moisture. These rugs are ideal for a humid and hazy environment. The water-resistance feature of such rugs is remarkable. This quality makes them desirable for beeches, pools, and waterfronts.

These carpets are easily washable and dry up in lesser time. They don’t hold any atrocious odor.

Low Static Electricity Issues:

Based on low static electricity problems, PP rugs are recommendable for offices and the interior of automobiles. 

Economical in nature:

PP rugs are inexpensive as compared to other rugs. These are budget-friendly and have minimal maintenance. 

Excellent Color Retention:

These rugs are highly applauded for their discriminating color retention. The reason behind this feature is chemical solution dying.

Rugs depict our taste, our sense of fashion. We fascinate that our rugs should have enchanting colors, artistic patterns, and captivating designs. So the rationale of color retention comes into the light. PP is known for its superior color retention.


While making a rational decision we should consider both sides of a coin. Coming towards the weak points of PP rugs, it is significant to mention PP fiber is a non-resilient fiber. That means it does not come back to its actual shape if crushed. PP fiber is not as resilient as other synthetic fibers, so these rugs are not recommended for high-traffic areas.

Non-resistant to oil-based Stains:

PP rugs are stain-resistant but it is very difficult to wash oil-based stains from such rugs. You will have to put in much effort and it will take plenty of your precious time to get rid of such stains. The only solution is dry-cleaning. So these carpets are not recommended for the kitchen or dining room. 

Low Heat Resistance:

Polypropylene area rugs are sensitive to heat and friction. Although the melting point of polypropylene is around 160 °C, a lower temperature can damage these carpets. While redecorating your room, if you drag some furniture over these rugs, they may get damaged due to friction. If PP rugs are not chemically modified, the quality of such rugs deteriorates due to exposure to heavy sunlight. 

Last thing that we need to cover; Health risks regarding these rugs.

Is Polypropylene TOXIC to Humans?

As per chemistry, each substance has a material safety data sheet (MSDS) which encompasses the toxicity level. Polypropylene isn’t classified as toxic material. But there are some precautions that you need to take while making such an investment. 

  • You should place these rugs at places with proper ventilation to avoid allergies, headaches, or dizziness. 
  • While purchasing these rugs don’t look for cheaper ones. These rugs become harmful when reacted with certain chemicals. But PP is not toxic in general.
  • Adhesives that are used to mount PP carpets against a wall or on the floor should be selected carefully. Because they may react with PP and release unhealthy fumes.

Precisely, you should opt for a cost-effective PP area rug with a protective layer on top to avoid any problematic situation.

Reviews Regarding PP Rugs:

PP rugs are the best choice for outdoor or waterfronts. These are highly appraised for being budget-friendly and colorfast. You need to consider the above-mentioned precautions for a positive result.

Anna Smith
Anna Smith is Interior Designer and decorator. She is a writer by nature and an expert in Area Rugs. Her knowledge about area rugs is helping many people to know everything about Rugs.


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Pros and Cons of Polypropylene Rugs

Polypropylene rugs are extraordinarily durable. These are surprisingly soft and easily washable. Polypropylene is enormously colorfast which means its colors do not fade due...

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