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Easy ways to Clean Oriental Rugs – Step By Step Guide

Rugs are an excellent addition to a home owner’s decor and styling needs, not only do they provide a sense of warmth to a home but also add meaning and character to the theme of the house. In some homes, rugs are a source of nostalgia by seeing through various generations of a single family.

In most homes today, carpets and rugs are one of the most overlooked pieces of home decor, which see the most wear in the form of high traffic walking, spills and stains, dirt and moisture buildup, and an endless supply of bacteria and other germs. 

In order to make these timeless rugs appear smelling fresh and in mint condition, their regular cleaning becomes mandatory.        

Oriental rug cleaning can be a daunting task just by the thought of it, especially when you own a fine handmade rug, like those older antique style Persian rugs. Since rugs come in various shapes, sizes, and material, and for some hold sentimental value, hiring professional cleaning services might not be the best of ideas. Not only is it costly to pursue but also time consuming. 

In order to save your time and have your rug looking fresh throughout the year, some regular TLC at home can go a long way in making your dream rug look like it just came out of the factory yesterday!    

Look no further, we’ve compiled a simple guide for your Persian rug cleaning needs. The basics are universal for any other type of rug that you own, so you’ll come out knowing a lot more about how to clean oriental rugs at home. 

Things to Know Before Getting Started

Before actually getting started on oriental carpet cleaning, it is very important to know a few pointers to make sure you get the best result for your efforts.

In order to achieve proper cleaning, identifying the type and material of the rug will allow you to choose the optimal cleaning products that are not only gentle on the material but also achieve the ideal cleaning objectives. 

This includes making a preliminary assessment by expert eyes, through touch or reading the instruction label attached to the side or at the backside of the rug, mentioning whether the rug is made of sensitive organic fibers like silk or wool and includes dyes. This step will also allow one to understand the temperatures a rug is safely able to handle while maintaining its natural integrity at all times. 

From this, we would also come to learn any substances or chemicals which may be harmful to the natural fibers that include bleaching agents and other harsh cleaning compounds.  

How to Clean a Persian Rug at Home?

Set Up a Cleaning Area

This is the area where all the primary cleaning activities and procedures will be performed. Depending on your arrangements this can be done outside in a garage, a section of the driveway, or even inside like a living room or wherever the area rug is located. Make sure the rug is free from all furniture and any obstacles that may otherwise cover the surface.  Also making sure the chosen spot is well ventilated naturally or through a window if inside.  

Read details on how to disinfect area rug.

Removing Debris

Give the rug a good shake, don’t be afraid to use a stick to hit the rug with moderate force. This will help loosen the external layer of soil, dust, dirt and other debris particles.    


Have the area rug spread uniformly at your cleaning station, followed by gently brushing with the medium strength bristle brush across the length of the rug in uniform passes till you have the entire rug covered. This would loosen the soil, dust, dirt and other debris particles attached to deeper fibers of the rug.  


Few passess with the vacuum on both the top and back will ensure all dust loosen from the agitation and shaking process to be sucked in by the vacuum.

Spot Cleaning 

We apply an over the counter spot cleaning solution or any homemade detergent and vinegar solution to lighten those random nasty and smelly stains that require ‘extra effort’ before dealing with the whole rug

Gentle Presoak

You can use either a manual spray bottle or a foam cannon consisting of either a commercial cleaning solution or a home-made neutral detergent mix to soak the entire rug for 30 minutes. This will ensure the cleaning compounds start working their magic by softening and loosening additional dirt and grime. 


You’ll need a medium strength bristle brush preferably with a handle to agitate/scrub the rug thoroughly in a circular motion until you have the entire rug covered. You’ll know it’s working when thick lather will begin to form from the fibers lifting out the dirt and grime.

Rinse Thoroughly

Depending on the location of your cleaning station, that is either outside or inside the house. You will then either hose down the rug thoroughly with fresh water until you have all the soapy and dirty water rinsed out, or take a clean rag and wipe the rug in sections, making sure to clean the rag each time by dipping in a separate bucket of fresh water to rinse it from the collected dirt and grime of each pass. For convenience’s sakes It would be best to form sections, to work efficiently and track rinse coverage and prevent repasses over completed areas.      

Dry Completely

Have the rug thoroughly air dried and avoid putting in direct sunlight. A neat way to squeeze out extra water post hose or even bucket rinsing is by rolling the rug completey and standing on it, the access weight will help eliminate additional water absorbed within the fibers. An air blower may be used depending on how quickly drying is desired and generally may take from a couple of days to longer, depending on factors such ventilation, moisture, climate, etc. 

Vacuum Again!

Vacuuming a rug after it has completely dried can be the equivalent of ‘combing’ a rug and really reorganizing all those fibers in a uniform sequence, to bring back that shine and appear presentable just like an original. 

Alternatives to Cleaning Persian Rugs

So now you know how to clean a Persian rug by hand but it’s highly possible you could be thinking about steam cleaning oriental rugs at home. The article largely covered a more hands-on approach, which the majority of such rug owners are likely to pursue. Moving ahead and involving a steam cleaner could prove to be an expensive investment and not as effective if used incorrectly or without the proper know-how and experience. Finally, it is recommended to have your Persian rugs to be professionally cleaned once a year, depending on your pocket and convenience.

Anna Smith
Anna Smith is Interior Designer and decorator. She is a writer by nature and an expert in Area Rugs. Her knowledge about area rugs is helping many people to know everything about Rugs.


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