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RugsCharm is all about your guidance when it comes to perfect floor coverings. We furnish a virtual and descriptive portfolio across a diverse range of lifestyles and aesthetics. We help you to get the perfect combination of color, shape, size, and material from high traffic area to lower. Because we value your need for perfection and desire to last long.


Keeping in view the interest of beneficiaries, our mission is to provide the most beneficial information regarding area rugs.

Why RugsCharm:

We care for you. We value your aesthetic taste. So we assist you to choose the best rug in the terms of color, size, shape, and material as per the requirement of the room or any area. We are well aware that your need for perfection needs to be satisfied.

What Makes us Unique:

Your trust is our strength. We won’t compromise over it at any cost. As some renowned designer said, “an area rug should be the soul of your room”. The perfect arrangement complements the shape and size and makes your room more elegant.

How to Choose the Best Area Rug:

Following is a precise categorical description that you need to know before investing your precious time and money. To have a wonderful experience you need to know all the minute details regarding texture, color, and material of area rugs.

What Should be the Material of Rugs:

When you are planning to buy rugs to make your home lively, the first question in your mind should be regarding the material. It is the most important factor while making your decision. You should be vigilant about the material. It completely depends on your lifestyle and the demand of the area. So choose wisely as rugs are an integral part of your home decor sense. You should look for the durability of material rather than physical appearance only. Classification of rugs based on the material to help you out to choose the best rug is given below;

Polypropylene Rugs:

The main ingredient in polypropylene rugs is a polymer that is frequently used in packaging, labels, and textiles. Its fiber is designed in a way that it looks like natural fiber and is soft as well. When it comes to exposure to different calamities, polypropylene rugs do not fade, mold or mildew and are cost-effective. These are highly recommended for indoor and outdoor where there is high traffic or spills.

Wool Rugs:

These are best suitable for living rooms due to their comfy nature. Wool is a resilient fiber, which means it has great texture retention. Wool is highly flame and soil-resistant. These carpets need to be cleaned with greater care. Wool is less stain-resistant compared to other synthetic fibers.

Persian Rugs:

These rugs are famous for their rich colors and captivating designs. These rugs get greater attention due to their all-natural wools, silk, and vegetable dyes. Persian rugs are highly desirable due to their diligent craftsmanship, quality, and excellent durability.

Cotton Rugs:

Salient features of cotton fibers are:

  • Strong
  • Soft
  • Easily washable
  • And effectively hold dyes

Above mentioned features make cotton a phenomenal material for splendid rugs. These are highly recommended as they can hold intricate patterns elegantly.

Jute Rugs:

Jute is a natural fiber that is obtained from the stalk of the corchorus plant. Such rugs are a bit thicker than other natural-fiber rugs. Its natural tan color adds intrinsic beauty to your place. These rugs are pet-friendly.

Sisal rugs:

The natural fiber of sisal is produced from the Agave Sisalana Cactus Plant. These rugs are extraordinarily versatile and remarkably durable. Sisal fiber is exceptionally strong that results in the durability of the rug. You can use synthetic sisal outdoor but natural sisal rugs are not recommended.

Silk Rugs:

Silk is a sort of thin fiber that is produced by silkworms. Rugs made of silk are expensive but highly worthwhile when it comes to a silky lustrous feel. These rugs are more durable due to strong fiber and are extremely dense having 300 knots per inch.

Nylon Rugs:

Nylon is also a strong fiber that makes rugs durable. It is resilient and shows good texture retention. Its absorbent nature reminds you to prevent it from spills. We recommend stain-resistant Nylon i.e., solution-dyed Nylon. Solution-dyed nylon locks color in it during the production process of fiber.

Polyester Rugs:

Polyester is soft to touch and affordable as it is less expensive than natural fiber. These rugs are best for outdoor use. A polyester rug is difficult to clean as a vacuum can develop static charges.

Do the Size of Rug and Room Correlate:

Yes, the size of your desired rug completely depends on the space. After the material, we should decide about the size of the rug. Our great emphasis is on the best size of rug for your space. We shall consider general ideas for size because the measurements of rooms vary. The living room, kids’ room, and bedroom size of every home are different. So we can’t talk about the exact size rather we‘ll go for a general idea.

Living room:

There are various options for an elegant arrangement of furniture and area rugs; All legs on: If you want to create a unified look, you need a rug large enough that can accommodate your furniture i.e., sofas or chairs. 10’ X 14’ Front legs on: You can still create a cohesive look without the cost of room size rug just by placing the front legs of the furniture on the rug. 9’ X 12’ All legs off: A small, budget-friendly rug can beautify your living room space. If the area is small then consider a small rug that can be placed in the center of your furniture. 6’ X 9’ Rounded arrangement: If you want a distinct seating area, you can go for round rugs. Choose a rug that can accommodate all of your furniture. 12’ X 12’


When it comes to bedrooms, the ideal location for rugs is in front of your bed.


The ideal size for the hallway is 12 feet.


Some ideal sizes are 2’ X 3’ or 4’ X 6’. But it depends on your space what will be the best for your kitchen. If it is for the dining table, make sure that your rug can cover the entire dining area.

The Rhythm of Colors and Styles:

The color scheme depends on your taste as well as the walls and furniture of your space. If the walls are bright, dark colors will bring an eye-catching effect to your room. Colorful rugs are enchanting. Solid colors bring simplicity and elegance. So work on the color scheme. There are enormous styles available. The selection of style depends on trend and your taste.